The Television Interview

It’s remarkable, how life sometimes gives you what you want but in an indirect manner. James Taylor is host to a widely popular show, Writers in Focus. Just to know this man fills my heart with joy. Truly, we are life-long friends even though we have just-met.

James Taylor and Renea Winchester

Going boldly forward I asked a friend of a friend of another friend how to get on the show realizing that the odds were both slim and none. Settling instead as a guest at one of the classes he teaches, I was shocked when he contacted me and explained that he had punted the idea of me leading a workshop. Instead he thought my book needed a “larger audience,” and asked if I could appear on his program.

Insert a very happy dance.

Followed by (gulp) serious nervousness.

This would be my first television interview and one never wants to leave a bad impression, especially when there isn’t a “do-over” opportunity.

The good thing about spontaneous interviews is that nothing stands between you and the host. There isn’t much preparation time, just James and Renea chatting around a table with a couple television cameras in the background. I find this comforting as the more I think about an interview, the more nervous I become. While the incredibly talented studio crew (thanks guys) pinned the mic on Mr. Taylor he confided that he “gets a bit nervous.”

Surely not. He was just saying that to make me feel comfortable. It worked. He is a wonderful host. Truly,  I am honored to call him friend.

Feel free to follow this link to the interview. And again, a heartfelt thanks to the readers who have reached out to me since the segment aired, and to “The”  James Taylor, who extended his hand in friendship, “thank you.”