Leaving 2011 Behind

As we leave 2011 behind I pause to reflect on this past year. As the economy continues to struggle I hear from many emerging and veteran authors that they are clamouring to sell their books. It seems like everyone is searching for someone to read their work.

Perhaps, just maybe it is time to polish your manuscript through the winter months and release it in the spring, a time when all things are new and exciting. I always advise against releasing books in December through February  because Mr. and Mrs. John Q Consumer have spent any extra money during the holiday, January and February bring with it the hope there will be some sort of tax refund. Unfortunately, any tax refund will be used to pay for the holiday gift spending.

Those who believe that December is the best time to release eBooks (because people are receiving wireless readers as gifts) know this, the majority of books uploaded in December are freebies. If you have a backlist of high-quality books, and if you have a reader following, you might consider offering a book for free. However, I strongly advise against releasing your first book for free. Why? This sets the expectation with your readers that the next book will also be free.

So dear self-published scribe, I ask you to wait. Wait before releasing your manuscript. I do not want you to become discouraged. Wait for winter to pass. Wait for spring to come. Wait. While you are waiting read the newspaper and magazines searching for places to market you book. Polish, polish, polish your manuscript until it shines with the newness of spring.

For those who have yet to visit a seasoned blog written by many successful authors, please follow this link http://southernauthors.blogspot.com/ to read Southern Authors Blogspot. 

Blessings to you for a prosperous, best-selling new year.

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