Newbie No More

In October, 2010, after more than a year of waiting, and after almost five years of perfecting my craft, Little Creek Books released my first title: In the Garden with Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes. The book had been rejected by some of the best agents in the business, and passed over by large publishing companies. Their reason: “the book wouldn’t sell outside of the south.” Little Creek Books, believed in the story enough to take a risk; for that I am grateful.

Without an agent, or a publicist, I took this book and converted it into a “must-read” within the local community. I have been blessed with readers throughout Georgia, my homestate of North Carolina, and my home-away-from home, Tennessee. As we all know, it takes a large reading audience to successfully sell any book.

I don’t have a marketing background. In fact, that’s probably why I have been so successful. I didn’t do what someone told me I should in order to sell my book. Instead, I followed my heart. I approached booksellers and readers and said: “I’ve written this book about a special man. I’d like you to give me a chance.”

Not only did they give my book a chance, these readers and booksellers got behind the book and pushed it with strength only a true book-lover could. It was the reader, not the agent or the publicist that expanded my market outside of my target audience. Readers bought ten copies and gifted the book to loved ones. When a reader in Australia contacted me, I couldn’t help but smile. Having and agent has nothing to do will selling books.

If you’re almost ready to launch a book, please know that relationships with readers are the key to successfully selling your book.

During my travels, while speaking to bookclubs, I’ve also been taking note of what worked for me…a newbie, a writer without an agent, living in a town filled with Best-selling Authors. Do you reliaze the improbability of me being able to sell books in the midst of such competition? Still, with hard-work, dedication, and lots of prayer, I now stand on the platform with them. You can also, if you work hard and focus at effectively marketing your title.

Some lucky person will win this book !

And now I bring you: Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author. For years, authors and booksellers have said, “someone needs to teach writers how to market their book.”

I want to do that for you.

Thank you to Make Your Mark Publishing for publishing this book. Stress-free Marketing is already in the top 100 Kindle books. It is also available in paperback through independent booksellers, and online distributors.

Last night, while trick-or-treating with my family, someone asked, “aren’t you the one who wrote that great book about Farmer Billy.”

It is during those time that I pause, give thanks and am grateful for everyone who believed in me.

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